Haze @ Aria


Haze is something that blocks your vision, you might be able to make things out through the haze but you can't see it perfectly.

We've all had those moments that feel like there was some haze involved. It could have been that forgettable night after your high school prom or that period in your life you thought it was cool to dress like a vampire. You've tried your best to forget those memories.

But haze doesn't have to be something you want to forget about. Some of the best weekends in Vegas are always a little hazy. You wake up in the morning not knowing exactly what you did, but you're able to figure out that whatever you did was exciting and, somehow, you want to do it again.

Well, at Haze Nightclub inside of Aria at CityCenter, that's the kind of night you can expect to have.

The next day you may think to yourself, "Did I really see some hot women dressed in some Lady Gaga designed clothes?" Or, "Did I really twirl around that stripper pole in the middle of the dance floor?"

The answer to both of those questions is likely yes.

From the size of the line that fills up in the lobby outside of Haze, you wouldn't expect to find what's actually inside. The club itself is small and the layout doesn't help to hide it.

The dance floor is surrounded by the elevated (and rather large) DJ booth right in the middle and tables on the other side. It almost makes you think they forgot to throw in a DJ booth when they built it and put one together at the last minute. But really, having it in the midst of the action was the plan.

A row of tables sits on the same level as the dance floor, while another row is elevated to the right of the DJ booth.

When you look onto the packed dance floor and notice there aren't a lot of people there, that's because a good amount of them can be found dancing near the bar. With plenty of room around the three bars (two downstairs, one upstairs), the area almost serves as a second dance floor.

On your way in you may also notice something of a voyeur room. There are usually two women inside, dressed oddly, yet sexy, who are part of the entertainment you will see throughout the club. The women usually rotate out of the room and prance about the club serving up shots. There is also the occasional aerial dancer and video screens that accompany the music to complete the package.

Aside from the bar on the second level, there are also a number of VIP booths with most of those overlooking the dance floor. It seems that you are never too far away from the action here, making it easy to stay amongst the revelers.

And in the morning when all you can remember is that you might have partied with Lady Gaga or at least bought a shot from her, the name Haze may make more sense.

-- Review by Justin Lawson

  • Capacity: 1,698
  • Open from: 10:30PM to 4Am
  • Best Nights: Thurs, Fri & Sat
  • Cover: $20
  • Wait Time: 45-90 minutes
  • Tonys Rating