Pure @ Caesars Palace

With over 40,000 square feet, this is one of the largest and most popular clubs in all of Las Vegas. The interior design may very well be the most simple of any club, but people continue to flood the dance floor of Pure, hoping to meet a few celebrities while having such a great experience.

After entering the club, you'll find that there are several different areas that cater to many different types of customers. The main room has a very large dance floor, a stage where many big artists such as The Killers, Daughtry, Method Man, and Travis Barker from Blink 182 have played live, and a VIP area with tables. The Red Room is a very laid back lounge, and upstairs you'll find an entrance to an outside terrace area & balcony with a large fire pit where DJ's often play electronic dance music.

Keith Leavitt, director of customer development for the club, said that about 1,500 will come through the door on a slow night, which could jump up to around 5,000 on the weekends.

"Once 1 o'clock comes, there's a party in every room", says Keith.

Unlike any house party you've ever heard of, the Pure house encourages it's guests to dance just about everywhere, including on the furniture.

"The look of having people up on couches is good for the club", Leavitt has said.

So many people come to Pure to dance, with sets from big name DJs such as DJ Cassanova & DJ Shift. If, for some reason, the music doesn't give off a good vibe to you, find a different spot in the club, and I guarantee something different will be playing.

Some times the line outside of the club can seem to get out of hand, but Leavitt and his crew is there to make sure everyone has a good expereience.

"The front [door] is their first experience," says Leavitt. "Anything we can do to get them in as quick as possible, we do."

Even though Pure is such a megalithic Las Vegas nightclub, that fact doesn't seem to scare people away.

"Pure is obviously a mega-club", says Leavitt. "But people aren't intimidated by it."

- Review by Tony "Vegas" Clark

  • Capacity: 2500
  • Open from: 10PM to 5AM
  • Best Nights: Tues, Fri, & Sat
  • Cover: $20 Women, $30 men
  • Wait Time: 45-90 minutes
  • Tonys Rating