Tucked away inside the magnificent Wynn Las Vegas, Tryst beckons those who want a luxurious spot to party the night away. The club is located at the foot of an elegant marble staircase leading to a comfortable lounge area where guests can have a seat and a drink or two before heading inside for the real action.

This upscale entertainment venue is exactly what you would expect to find in a swanky place such as Wynn. It offers an indoor/outdoor party experience but with its own unique twist. Unlike other clubs that feature outdoor swimming pools, the focal point here is a secluded lagoon fed by a magnificent 90-foot waterfall.

Inside the 12,000 square foot club, bottle service guests can lounge on sexy red alligator skin sofas. The dark lighting and seductive red color scheme provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic rendezvous. The expansive sunken dance floor extends out to the terrace where the lights glint off the mirror shards and crystal chips embedded in its surface.

The layout is open with a centrally located dance floor. Tryst has three bars located along the back wall, including one dedicated exclusively to serving VIP customers. The elevated DJ booth sits between the main bar and center bar. Choosing the best VIP table location will depend on your mood. Select a table near the dance floor in the main room to be close to the action. Choose a table out on the terrace next to the lagoon for some fresh air, open space, and spectacular water views. One of the most desired table locations is inside a cove next to the waterfall.

Spending the evening at Tryst is a special occasion that calls for a special cocktail. For those who want to indulge in something even fancier than an ordinary bottle of champagne, there is always the club’s famous Menage a Trois. This special concoction combines 150-year old Grand Marnier, Hennessey Ellipse and Cristal Rose champagne with liquid gold syrup and genuine 23-karat gold flakes. The cocktail is served with a gold plated straw that has a small diamond chip set above the bend. The cost for this sinfully decadent drink is $3,000 and you get to keep the straw. Presentation is everything and when you order up the Menage a Trois you can expect a bevy of beautiful cocktail waitresses to deliver it to your table with all the pomp and circumstance a $3,000 cocktail deserves.

  • Capacity: 1,200
  • Open from: 10:30 pm
  • Best Nights: Thurs & Sat
  • Cover: $20 Women $30 Men
  • Wait Time: 30-90 minutes
  • Tonys Rating